Integrated Internal Auditing & Risk Mitigation Workshop – Singapore (AsiaPac)

Whilst the risk management role and responsibilities lies with senior management and its respective functional employees and auditors are not responsible to detect fraud, how can you as Internal Auditors, help them to strengthen and improve their governance, risk and internal controls framework to save costs and minimize the risk of fraud?

The increasing level of fraud losses around the globe despite the use of many combinations of the latest tools, technologies and risk mitigation policies and procedures is of growing concern.   The Kroll’s Global Fraud Report 2013-14 has highlighted that global fraud is on the rise, as technologies and people are becoming more integrated via many forms of social media and online plus offline processing and work methodologies around the globe.

Your Key Learning Benefits

You’ll learn to:

Understand the evolving internal audit culture and global trends and how you can enhance your audit value creation in your stakeholders’ eyes

Apply the latest International Practice of Professional Framework (IPPF) in your audit role

Use effective and efficient tools and techniques to execute integrated internal auditing strategies that provide a comprehensive risk management framework to support your Audit Committee and key stakeholders

Master and implement more effective cross-cultural communication and reporting strategies when you deal with your key stakeholders, internally and externally as well as with relevant third parties.

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