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Why Risk Management Matters: FTX Collapse

Crypto firms have been put under scrutiny following the recent collapse of FTX, a billion-dollar cryptocurrency exchange. The incident has raised questions about risk management in the cryptocurrency industry and has prompted regulators and investors to take a closer look at how these firms are operating. The collapse of FTX highlights the challenges facing the …

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Top 4 Benefits of Risk Management Consulting Services

Risk management consulting involves a methodical and organized process to evaluate the different risks that organizations face. A risk mgt consultant provides various advisory to businesses depending on the agreed scope of review and expected business outcomes. The scope may include governance framework, cybersecurity risk mitigation incident management, and related compliance to relevant industry-based regulations. Companies …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Employees on Risk Management

Most employees are too busy with their own job roles and risk management may not be top of mind. It’s also hard to get their buy-in to implement security procedures because they don’t know what risk management is and what it entails. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, it’s important for organizations to prioritize risk …

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Having obstacles with your Asian Business Partners, Clients or Employees right now?

ONE OF THE MOST challenging misunderstandings I hear about when consulting with non-Asian clients is about "SILENCE".

1. The silence that follows on emails with potential Asian clients;

2.  The silence during or following a business presentation in Asia;

3. The silence when asking a direct question accompanied by the faintest shake of the head or a muttered ‘yes’;

4. The silence punctuated by an indrawn breath like a long hissing sound implying ‘this is going to be very difficult’.

Many of these orchestrated silences in China, Sinagpore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and a host of ASEAN countries are the result of an over-direct or impatient desire to get an answer, a result or a deal as quickly as possible on the part of self-consciously ‘globalized’ foreigners.