Having obstacles with your Asian Business Partners, Clients or Employees right now?

ONE OF THE MOST challenging misunderstandings I hear about when consulting with non-Asian clients is about "SILENCE".

1. The silence that follows on emails with potential Asian clients;

2.  The silence during or following a business presentation in Asia;

3. The silence when asking a direct question accompanied by the faintest shake of the head or a muttered ‘yes’;

4. The silence punctuated by an indrawn breath like a long hissing sound implying ‘this is going to be very difficult’.

Many of these orchestrated silences in China, Sinagpore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and a host of ASEAN countries are the result of an over-direct or impatient desire to get an answer, a result or a deal as quickly as possible on the part of self-consciously ‘globalized’ foreigners.