Lost your Million Dollar Deals with Asian clients – How To Turn it Around

I was at a recent Business Forum and was talking to numerous very successful and established Western business owners(from Australia, Europe, America). We were all VIP delegates by special invite only as this event was reserved  for diverse businesses with Asia focused business engagements.

We were all catching up on some local and Asia Pacific news and then one of them asked me,

" Rachael- I am having so much difficulty to close my "Million Dollar deals" with the Asian prospects in China, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. WHY are they so difficult to convince and negotiate with ? I am so lost and tired of the waiting game and series on endless negotiations with no win-win results. Tell me how my key leadership team and I can navigate around those cultural & tricky blunders that we had probably made to pull over the line of very profitable long term deals".

Is this frustrating business experience sounding familiar with you too?

Don't panic!. You are not alone.

Many Western businesses are venturing into Asia for the golden opportunities with the Asian clients  who are seeking for valuable and high quality  financial services , education. training and consulting sectors.