How to value add to Australia in the Asian Century Era

Hi business entreprenuers, C-level executives and colleagues,

Today is 1st october 2013.

I am excited to share our October’s monthly news with you on how our AusAsia Training Institute would embrace and value add to the Australia’s 2013 to 2025 goals as part of integrating into the AusAsian Century era.

Since 28 October 2012, the Australian Government has put in place implementation plans that Australia can articulate on the five key goals so that Australia would be a more prosperous and resilient nation that is fully part of the Asia Pacific region by year 2025.

In brief, the Australian Government White Paper has identified five broad policy directions for Australia to make the most of the opportunities presented by the Asian century.  

Success for Australia by 2025 would involve:

1. A productive Australian economy where prosperity is built on the foundation of our stable investment and performance in skills and education, innovation, infrastructure, tax reform and regulatory reform .

2. An Australian community that builds on its strenghths and capabilities, that is, more Asia-literate, with a deeper and broader understanding of Asian cultures and languages forming the basis of strong connections and partnerships across the region.

3. A business sector that comprises highly innovative, competitive Australian firms and institutions, including education institutions that have developed collaborative relationships with others in the AsiaPac region, and are proficient at operating in and connecting to growing Asian markets.

4. A nation that has helped to build trust and cooperation through its own strong bilateral relationships with Asian countries and its support for existing regional mechanisms that add value to sustainbale security in the region

5. Deeper and broader relationships between Australians, people and communities across Asia, spanning businesses, unions, community groups, governments, educational and cultural institutions.

AusAsia Training Group is passionate and committed to assist diverse organisations with cross cultural teams by training their leaders and teams to be cross cultural savy in order to maximise their companies’ business performance and growth, thereby supporting Australia’s 2025 goals to become fully part of the Asian Century.

So, if you have mixed answers to the following top 3 questions, then you need to quickly set in place upskilling staff programs that would get your teams ready for the AusAsian century now rather than later.

Q1. Do you have a progressive workforce?

Q2. Are your customers or business partners from diverse cross cultural backgrounds?

Q3. Are you getting the best from your cross-cultural teams?


To Your Business Success.

Rachael Mah

AusAsia Training , Managing Partner and Principal Trainer