What are your 10 Steps to Cultural Mastery with Asia?


As an Australian with an Asian background, I often find clients a little bewildered when I talk about Asian business etiquette, and how critical it is to business success.

Business culture or etiquette in Asia- what’s this all about and how different is this to the western world?

In Asia, the way things are done in other parts of the world might not automatically apply. That’s because etiquette, and its close cousin culture, not only influence the way business is done. They ARE the way business is done. They are at the heart of your competitive intelligence.

One of my Australian business associates came to me to understand why he had lost more than $3.5M property deal from an Asian investor.  I could quickly see from his tale that there were several fatal errors in business etiquette that lost him the deal.

Unfortunately this was not an isolated incidence and many have come to me with similar tales.  I realised that I must share my “AusAsian” knowledge, skills and experience to help my Aussie and Asian friends engage effectively for win-win business and social success in this 21st Asian century.

Business outcomes from attending this seminar:

You’ll learn to:

  1. Master practical tips and techniques to understand Asia business cultures effectively in the AusAsia environment.
  2. Apply impactful cultural communication strategies and techniques to overcome barriers and blunders in /with Asia.
  3. Develop win-win trusting and beneficial business relationships.
  4.  Great networking – Meet business associates for complimentary referrals  or JV’s.
  5. Many bonus tips and tricks that you would learn from our live case studies.



 Business owners, educators, human resource and learning and development personnel who want to establish or expand their businesses or educational centres in or with Asia.

 Ring +61-411-541-888 or email Rachaelm@AusAsiaTraining.com for a group coaching (web teleconference) or Inhouse group coaching.

Local Australian locations and Global Clients’ offices ( virtual zoom room or by special invitation to your local city/country by prepaid appointment.

First come first served basis.

*Pricing include GST.


Email: Success@AusAsiaTraining.com


 Experiential learning: Interactive discussions and live case studies. Workshop will include morning and afternoon coffee and lunch 


10 Steps to Cultural Mastery in or with Asia

Asia-Focused One Day Seminar,