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I assists businesses around the world to win business and build profitable relationships in the Billion Dollar Asian marketplace.
Rachael Mah ,
Managing Director


Cultural Strategies

How to crash the Asian cultural barriers to get the business now? 25th June Melbourne

Have you or your business associates been complaning about the difficulties in closing Asian business deals because you did not...
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January 2014 news

How can Australian businesses do that more effectively with Asian counterparts and employees ? I have had many experienced Australian...
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Cultural Strategies

How to value add to Australia in the Asian Century Era

How to maximise the ample opportunities available to your organisation by getting your leaders and teams to be ready for...
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Cultural Strategies

The Value of Well Trained And Effective Cross Cultural Teams In AusAsia

The purpose of our AusAsia Training services is to assist diverse organisations that are ready to offer high quality corporate...
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Cultural Strategies

Camberwell Business Club

Catch Rachael at the Camberwell Business Club on Monday, September 9th. Rachael has been invited to speak on the business...
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Cross Cultural Communications course

I have just attended Rachael Mah's AusAsia Cross Cultural Communications course. Rachael is a fabulous trainer and brings so much...
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