How do you Implement Intellectual Property Protection in Diverse Asia Pacific Cultures?

What is Intellectual Property?

  1. Copyright – an artistic or creative work such as film, book, music, software or broadcast, data sets, databases, web copy
  2. Trademarks – protecting your logo and brand in the marketplace
  3. Patents – an invention involving a product or process
  4. Designs – the shape or appearance of a product, object or package
  5. Confidential Information – duty of non disclosure in commercial relationships.
  6. Trade Secrets – protecting formulas, recipes

The BIG Question is “How can you and yor organisation implement intellectual property protection effectively in diverse and complex Asia Pacific cultures?”

To protect your IP overseas, you have two choices:

1. Seek IP protection advice in each country according to the laws and conventions of that country apply via one of the international agreements in place which often result in an easier process to obtain rights in other countries.

2. Develop an international IP strategy that suits you specific needs, goals, resources and identified markets.
Developing an effective IP protection strategy will depend on your particular business.

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