How can you improve your business profits by 10% or more?

Therefore, in today’s business climate, regardless if you are a small business, expanding business or a large conglomerate or public sector, it’s crucial to:

•Understand the evolving internal audit culture and global trends and how you can enhance your audit value creation in your stakeholders’ eyes

•Apply the latest International Practice of Professional Framework (IPPF) in your audit and risk role

•Know and apply the 5 most effective and efficient tools and techniques to execute integrated internal auditing strategies that truly add value to your Board, Audit Committee and key stakeholders

•Master and implement more highly effective cross-cultural communication and reporting with your key stakeholders and third parties to ensure positive buy-in from these relevant partnerships.

•How to run your  business and corporate audit and risk management departments with highly effective leadership and team work skills that boost your business productivity and performance outcomes.

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Rachael Mah

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