25th May International Business Womens Luncheon – Melbourne

Here is a quick story from my Aussie and Asian business and professional associates in recent times.

One of my good Asian business friends, Wendy Law (not her real name) has a vision to export more of the premium Australian goods and services from Asia into Australia  to her Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane clients.

However, she and her Asian staff were totally oblivious of the good Australian cultural customs and business etiquette ie straight facts and figures and serious business negotiations at the very first appointment.

Wendy brought a small gift for Peter, the new Australian client as a token of appreciation for building a brand new social and business relationship in their first business appointment.  However, to her disappointment, the new Australian prospect took it as an offense of “buying his heart ”  to close their first business deal.  For Wendy’s Asian cultural customs, it means lack of respect and rapport reciprosity from Peter.  Their future appointments was at an immediate dead end within the first 15 minutes of the appointment!

What’s the secret sauce to overcome this simple example of effective establishment of cultural business bridges between Westerners and Asian counterparts?

YOUR KEY BENEFITS in attending our next IWFCI Business Luncheon on 25th May are:

  • Raising awareness of how Australian – Asian cultural differences may effect or Influence our relationship with our customers.
  • How to navigate cultural barriers effectively to build long term trusting and profitableRelationships with your Asian clients.
  • Learn the secrets from highly effective leaders in the industry in dealing with cross cultures Communication strategies.

PLUS networking amongst the most positive, productive and successful peers in business and professional capacities!


PLEASE email our support team  at Success @ AusAsiaTraining.com for the registration form or inquiries before close of business 18th May 2016.

I am excited to share with you the secret strategies on 25th May as one of the 3 panel speakers for this IWFCI Luncheon.

To Your AusAsian Success!

Rachael Mah