16-17th June Asian Education Foundation (AEF) National Conference, Sydney

Australian schools in the Asian Century – how do we empoer our students to be Asian Capable workforce?

What are the some of the key cultural challenges in today’s schools and its implications on Australia’s future workforce and social community?

Many educators and students are looking forward to learn, understand and apply cultural  skills to enable them to be prepared for the 21st Asian Century. Let’s find out more at the AEF Conference.  

I am very delighted and excited to be invited to speak at the Teach Meet Session on 17th June.

Teachmeet topic: Winning Ways With  The Asian Culture by buidling cultural intelligence at schools.

The secret is to build cultural intelligence across Australian schools to prepare our students to be ready for their workforce in the 21st Asian Century.

 Look forward to meet you there if you are attending the AEF conference.