Rachael Mah’s 20 Critical Communication Skills Online Coaching course was excellent, practical and focus on value driven outcomes of the program. I had particularly enjoyed one of the 8 modules i.e. on handling challenging leadership styles. It had been a very interactive online courses as the global participants could share experiences and have gained multiple learnings in a safe environment. I would highly recommend her online group coaching course to you if you want a positive change in your personal and career development.

C. Yong – Australia June 2020

I had the pleasure to attend one of the courses provided by Rachael. Her in depth, diverse and hands on knowledge in critical communication skills was shown in the course. I enjoyed learning from Rachael through her keen sense of detail and positive attitude. I recommend Rachael and her AusAsia Institute for personal development.

I. Manea, London, United Kingdom June 2020

We found AusAsia’s cultural awareness program an important component of our strategy for doing business in China. It has improved our understanding of the differences in the way our cultures do business. We have incorporated changes in our business model as a result.

Chris S and Anne O, Enterprise Geelong, Australia

“The knowledge the team has gained in respect to conducting business, negotiating and understanding cultural nuances is paramount and will place them ahead of the curve not only professionally but also personally”.

Ross A, NBN Sales & Service, Telstra

“Thank you very much Ms Rachael for sharing your global knowledge, skills and experience that was complemented with valuable live case studies, practical strategies and templates of best practices in this recent Report Writing and Communication Skills course. As well as having the pleasure of meeting diverse delegates from different parts of the world in this public course in Singapore, I have learned a lot of new and up todate strategies and will do my best to use my new found knowledge and skills for the benefit of my internal audit group within my organisation.”

Yuliani Taufan Executive Vice President and Department Head Internal Audit Department PT. Bank Mizuh

Rachael “On behalf of FIA, thank you for your presentation at the FIA Congress 2016 @ Sheraton, Nadi, Fiji on 21-22 April. It was informative, thought provoking and well received by the audience. Learnt a lot from your presentation. The FIA Congress delegates’ responses were positive. Personally, thanks for your time and your presence made us proud.”

Mr Nouzab Fareed,Group CEO -Fijian Holdings Group and President ,FIA 2015-16.

“Thank you for the engaging speaker session that you had provided on “Mitigating Fraud Risks in Diverse and Complex Asia Pacific Cultures” in the 2015 ACFE AsiaPac Fraud Conference. I found the topic informative and interesting for a fraud examiner like myself working in Asia. While I am an Australian born Chinese I have some sense of Chinese culture, however, until you have worked in these countries it is not easy to always understand the true meanings when dealing with people from AsiaPac counties. Your session reminded me and others the importance of trying to prepare for an investigation dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and how they interpret and respond may impact the flow and outcome of an investigation. I learnt that it’s very important to understand general and business etiquette, communication styles, verbal and non-verbal as well as the different leadership attitudes and styles to conduct successful investigations and build fraud mitigation programs. I appreciated your insight to help remind us to be respectful to different people and cultures that an investigator or a compliance person encounters to operate effectively in working in Asia Pacific. “

Gordon Yee Internal Audit, Dupont Australia

“I have attended a recent 4 day course on the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing that was facilitated by Rachael Mah. Rachael has been an excellent facilitator who engages her audience, takes initiative with understanding of all the learner’s needs and shares her valuable live case studies across different regions by adapting her case studies to the existing course curriculum. This approach had built strong and positive relationships with all the delegates. Rachael’s high quality training and professional approach makes her highly recommendable to other potential delegates who wants the best value and outcomes of their course attendance.”

Sudharma Hiremath, Corporate Services Manager, Launch Housing, Melbourne

“Rachael Mah provided a very practical and stimulating approach to the potentially dry topic of Internal Auditing. She was able to provide real world examples that add value to businesses without compromise. I liked the ability to actively participate and put theory into practice. A thoroughly worthwhile learning experience that I can put into practice immediately. Thank you Rachael”. ( November 2017)

G Kennedy, Senior Audit Officer, Energy Developments, Queensland, Australia

Rachael made the 4-day Internal Audit Fundamentals training course very interactive and engaging. I have enjoyed the group discussions and learned a lot of global best practices and tools and techniques of practical application of internal auditing for my current new role. (March 2020)

Corinne Y- BC Securities, Melbourne, Australia

Ms. Rachael Mah’s Master Class Audit and Risk Mitigation training was very informative, interactive and had lots of useful live case studies and strategies for the cross-cultural business environment. Rachael was also willing to answer all the questions by the participants in detail with examples in real situation during the master class discussion and also by emails. Thank you Rachael.

Ms. Rini P, Senior Auditor, PT Badak NGL, Indonesia

I had recently attended the ‘Fundamentals of Internal Auditing’ 4 day intensive course in Melbourne, Australia. I would recommend Rachael as a Corporate Trainer and Consultant to anyone who is looking to gain useful, insightful and beneficial training in the Internal Audit field. Her depth of knowledge and experience combined with her friendly and helpful demeanor meant my time over the 4 day intensive sessions was very well worth it. Not only will the training benefit my own work but I am able to take back useful knowledge that can be put into real life practice at my workplace.

Sarah Humphris, Internal Auditor, Queensland Country Credit Union

“The recent internal audit report writing and communication skills course that was conducted by Ms. Rachael Mah was a very practical, engaging and interactive course. The training coverage had highlighted the latest global best practices and strategies including many live case studies, reporting styles and templates of weak and excellent report writing and communication techniques. Sharing of experience among delegates had also given us beneficial knowledge for our daily practices. It is a course that is highly recommended for new or experienced senior and heads of Internal Audit and Risks to gain more insights into this subject matter for getting positive buy-in from their key stakeholders and auditees.”

Mohd Nizam Mahmud, Head of Internal Audit, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

“Rachael Mah’s in depth and detailed knowledge of the Internal Auditing Framework and global best practices, her deep practical experience, and her ability to engage her audience make this 4 day internal auditing course more than just a learning exercise. She imparts useful and practical skills that I can use and apply immediately in my work.”

Gerard J T.- Melbourne, Australia

“Rachael is a fantastic corporate trainer. She made the 4 day course engaging and enjoyable. She was well prepared, informed and added lots of value by providing real case studies from around the world for the duration of the training course. Thank you Rachael”

Deng Gichuru, Risk Management Coordinator, HBF Health, Perth

Rachael’s in-depth knowledge, skills and global experience is excellent and have shared real case studies from diverse industries and countries during the 4-day internal audit training course. The video and group discussions and case studies were very aligned between principles and practical case studies. The expected outcomes of learning were exceptional. (March 2020)

Hanna VV and Joanne L Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Australia

20 Critical Skills to stay ahead in career and business- online zoom group coaching program ( May-June2020: The online group coaching had included valuable aspects including mindset and cultural behavior of dealing and communicating with colleagues, clients and third parties from different countries. This is one of the 20 critical skills that requires a good cultural understanding and flexible communication styles when working together especially when communicating with difficult personalities. Highly recommended zoom coaching courses for self growth and development.

Elena M (Germany, EMEA Region)

The 3rd Audit World 2014 Conference Master Class seminar in Asia, Kuala Lumpur was facilitated by Ms. Rachael Mah from AusAsia Institute ( Melbourne, Australia). It was a very dynamic, interactive sharing of tips and traps of audit , compliance and fraud risk mitigation plus a discussion of live case studies and strategies for business controls especially on her audit planning strategies. Thank you – it’s much appreciated, Ms. Rachael.

Ms. W. Weesakul, Vice President, Bangkok Bank, Thailand

Recently, Rachael Mah conducted a workshop, AusAsia Cultural Skills” for the staff of AutoCRC Limited in Melbourne, Australia. As an organiser and participant of this workshop, I was impressed with the professionalism, high standards, immaculate presentation style and in depth knowledge of the subject by Ms Mah. The team of AutoCRC Limited found the deep insights into cultural differences and tips about the use of this knowledge during negotiations offered at the workshop very helpful. We all had enjoyed learning the social and dining etiquette rules including the role play activities. The overall workshop experience was excellent and is highly recommended for organisations dealing with or expanding into Asia as well as for individuals willing to learn about Asian cultures.

Ms. Oxana J. Chief Financial Offcier, AutoCRC Limited, Melbourne, Australia

“The Internal Audit Report Writing & Communication Skills workshop that was facilitated by Ms Rachael Mah in Singapore during March 2015 was a very practical, empowering and learning workshop. There were lots of sharing of live case studies, interactive discussions and group activities in the commercial and public sectors in different continents including Asia, Middle East and Oceania. This course has further increased my current knowledge and skills on global best practices and strategies of writing reports and conducting engaging communication with key stakeholders and auditees. I would recommend this course to Audit Professionals if they want to master more effective report writing and communication with their internal and external stakeholders in the auditing world. Rachael is very approachable and easy going and made our workshop very lively. There wasn’t a dull moment and I will definitely consider future relevant workshops conducted by her.

Rosidah Mohd Nordin Tan, Senior Manager Internal Audit, DST Communications Sdn Bhd, Negara Brunei

“I have just completed a 4 day Internal Auditing Public Course with Ms Rachael Mah in Melbourne. Ms Rachael’s professionalism, high standards of delivery, and willingness to share relevant global experiences and knowledge, made the whole learning experience a highly memorable one. The insights into the evolving trends surrounding the commercial world, the challenges faced by cross cultural business environment, best practices, and practical templates made this course holistic.” “Ms Rachael’s pearls of wisdom was generously shared, and that is a true reflection of her outstanding personality and undeniable professionalism. I would highly recommend Ms Rachael to my professional peers in my organization.”

Joanne K Li- NAB, Australia

Rachael, “Please accept our personal thanks for your time and contribution during the 2016 FIA Annual Congress at Sheraton , Nadi, Fiji. We received excellent feedback on your presentation on ” How To Mitigate Fraud Risks to Achieve Stronger Economic Growth.”

Rajeshwar Singh Chief Financial Officer, Bank of South Pacific Limited, Suva, FIJI

“Thank you, Rachael, for your active participation in our recent Top Executives (TOPEX) Conference at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Fiji on 23 & 24th June, 2017. The President, Board members, and the organizing committee have also expressed their sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting the Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF). Your presentation on the “Business Risk Management & Mitigation Strategies” was well received by the delegates with positive post conference commendations.”

Nesbitt Hazelman CEO, Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation(FCEF) Fiji

Thank you very much for your AusAsia Cross Cultural Communication course because I had no idea being an Australian, just how ignorant I was in relation to so many cross cultural situations that might occur, where I could be more helpful to people from different cultural backgrounds. Rachael thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to master and apply these useful and effective cross cultural communication strategies.

Leanne W. | Director, Presence Communications | Brisbane, QLD, Australia

” I have just attended a 2 day “Internal Audit Report Writing & Communication Skills” course that was facilitated by Ms Rachael Mah in a public seminar in Singapore. After having been in the Internal Auditing profession for more than 15 years, I had many learning and practical experiences in this profession. I found this course has new strategies and methodologies that is very risk focused, practical and useful for enhancing my current skills, knowledge and global best practices in Internal Audit Reporting and Communication Strategies. I will share the additional knowledge and skills from this course with my audit team. I would highly recommend this course to other senior managers and departmental heads of internal audit.”

Ali Al-Kuwari, Internal Audit Director, Qatar Stock Exchange

” I was at the 2015 ACFE Asia Pacific Fraud Conference in Singapore. Ms Mah conducted a speaking and panel discussion session on ” Mitigating Fraud Risks in Diverse & Complex Asia Pacific Cultures”. We have learnt a lot and I think this is a very important area as part of Fraud Risk Management strategies and communication skill set. Ms. Mah was a very engaging and interactive presenter. I would highly recommend Ms Mah’s AusAsia Advisory and Training services to our international clients”.

Tehseen Chaudhry,CEO, Corporate Risk and Resources (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan

I have enjoyed the internal auditing course facilitated by Ms Rachael as she has conducted the 4 day intensive internal auditing based on global best practices framework(IPPF), with lots of group discussions and case studies, team work, valuable ideas sharing through games and role plays. Our public workshop have participants from diverse industries including BHP. Energy, Constriction, Financial Services and Non-For-Profit Organisations(NGO’s) which made the learning of high standards, fun plus networking. Thank you again, Ms Rachael. (November 2019)

Mr.T.M Khan, Audit Executive, Australian Federal Police

‘Rachael, thank you for delivering the AusAsia cross-cultural business training session. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive style of the training which offered some fantastic insight into the cultural differences and communication preferences when looking to build effective long term relationships in the Asia Pacific market. The relevance of information and your firsthand experience was extremely valuable and I would highly recommend any organisation looking to understand the intricacies in cross-cultural business to attend.’

Chris B, International Product Specialist, BUPA Australia

I had recently attended the “Effective Internal Auditing and Risk Mitigation Course”. “Rachael Mah is a passionate and inspirational trainer with a wealth of experience from working with a wide variety of companies. The training was thoughtfully presented and clearly delivered. While many training classes equate to just “reading the book”, yours was entertaining, succint and provided lots of useful audit and risk implementation strategies.”

Hajjah Suryati B M.Ibrahim, Quality Assurance Manager, YTLPS , Malaysia

“ Rachael’s training style is participatory with plenty of room for interactive discussion. She has robust command on internal audit and risk concepts. Rachel brings to life concepts by using real-life business case studies and often encourages lively discussion to bring out all facets of subject matter. She has a pleasing persona and encourages participants to discuss industry specific instances. I find her advisory and training skills pragmatic and thorough!”

Aamir Hussain Internal Audit Manager The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited

“I attended Mrs Rachael Mah’s 2015 Asia Pacific Fraud Conference session about ” Mitigating Fraud Risks in Diverse & Complex AsiaPac Cultures in early November . She was a very engaging and interactive speaker who had shared many real live case studies on this speaking topic, which had added value to my role in how we can effectively deal with fraud risk management in AsiaPac. I would be delighted to recommend her training and advisory services to our employees and clients in Asia.”

Nancy Desianti,Head of Human Resources Division PT Integrity Indonesia

“I had attended the 2014 Audit World Conference in Asia – a Master Class Training Course, ” Effective Integrated Internal Auditing and Fraud Risk Mitigation, that was facilitated by Ms. Rachael Mah, MD and Principal Trainer from AusAsia Institute. Ms Rachael had facilitated an excellent Master Class training that reflects her world class in depth work experience and generous sharing of live case studies in this complex and cross-cultural business work environment. ” It was indeed an excellent Master Class which was delivered very professionally and effectively. Thank you very much Rachael.

A. Rajput, Chief Internal Auditor, SUI Southern Gas, Pakistan

“​Rachael Mah’s facilitation of the “Effective Integrated Internal Auditing and Fraud Risk Masterclass” at the 2014 Audit World Conference was very practical, with useful global best practices that can help me in my Compliance role. The presentation approach was excellent with real life examples and the group discussion enabled us to learn from the challenges and solutions for different industries. I would highly recommend Rachael​ and her consulting and training course to you and your organisation.”​

Mohd. Zulikram, Senior Compliance Executive, Darulsalam Holdings , Malaysia

At the 2014 Audit World Conference in Asia, Kuala Lumpur, I had attended the masterclass workshop that was run by Mr Rachael Mah from AusAsia Institute. The course was full of interactive and live case studies, discussions and I have learned new strategies to enhance our company audit, risk and compliance function. It was an excellent , well organised course including cross-cultural communication techniques. Thank you.

N.Mohsen, General Auditor, Saudi Electricity, Saudi Arabia

The Effective Internal Auditing Strategies & Fraud Risk Management 2 Day Seminar conducted by Ms. Rachael Mah got me fully engaged about the importance of doing an audit on risk management. It gave me the tools and techniques that I needed to provide feedback on the quality of the risk management framework and processes and challenging their effectiveness in my organisation. The course was well presented and outlined, and very participative too. I am glad and very appreciative of the patience given in answering questions from those of us who are new to fraud risk assessment.

Putri Rozita A Rahman, Head Of Internal Audit,Legal & Compliance,Armed Forces Fund Board,Malaysia

Rachael, I wish to thank you again for being part of our 2016 Congress at the Sheraton Resort & Spa in Nadi on the 21st and 22nd of April 2016. Our delegates certainly enjoyed your fabulous presentation and we look forward to your cooperation in the future.

Navin Raaj ,Executive Director Fiji Institute of Accountants

The Internal audit course ,facilitated by Ms Rachael Mah was very interactive, engaging by conducting group discussion series on live cases studies of do’s and dont’s of internal audit best practices, including role plays of great interviewing skills. (April 2017)

C.Castle, Internal Auditor- ShineWing Australia (CA Firm)

Rachael’s intensive Internal auditing course was very interactive, practical and useful for us as risk and internal audit professionals. She had provided additional useful checklist and reference materials for writing audit and risk programs for new auditable areas in our business. I would highly recommend this course to Risk, Audit & Compliance professionals who wants to learn and apply global best practices. (March 2018)

B.Gorniak- Dennis Family Property Group, Australia

The Internal audit report writing course that was facilitated by Ms Rachael at our office was highly interactive with loads of live case studies, role plays and best practices of advanced internal audit report writing techniques. The group exercises during the breakout of small discussion groups to improve internal audit report writing was very practical and impactful for executive reporting to senior stakeholders ( internal and external parties). Senor internal audit and risk executives should also attend this course conducted by Rachael as they reviews and set standards for the Internal Audit Department. (July 2018)

N Loveless, IA Manager, Department of Education, VIC, Australia

Ms Rachael ( the facilitator was the best part of the 4 day internal auditing course . She was inclusive, engaging and have added immense value through her own practitioner experience as the international risk and audit practitioner. Real live examples and case studies were useful during our case studies and role play sessions. The “bonus additional templates and reference materials” from Rachael are great for customising our future audit plans, programs and reporting requirements.(August 2018)

K. Purcell, Pitcher Partners, Melbourne, Australia

Rachael have been very inclusive and provided a group workshop with lots of participation time and provided relevant examples to bring the contents into the right context from audit planning to program implementations, risk assessment, interviewing skills and report writing skills for different auditees. (Brisbane, Australia – October 2018)

E. Bellinger, BHP Assurance, Perth, Western Australia

The 4 days intensive internal auditing course conducted by Ms Rachael was based on a collaborative approach with useful case studies and extra templates of do’s and don’ts that will be very handy for my future audit and risk projects. The role plays and networking during each day’s group discussion sessions was very impactful.(Brisbane – Queensland, Australia- October 2018)

G.Kennedy, Energy Developmenst, Queensland, Australia

The facilitator, Ms Rachael have provided the group with an interactive training methodology as she is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the risk and internal audit profession. She had shared her extensive global experience as a Risk and Audit Practitioner and provided additional insightful examples of internal audit and risk mitigation best practices. (March 2019- Melbourne, Australia)

K. Catterick, Department of Health, Tasmania, Australia

The flow of the 4 day internal auditing course provided by Ms Rachael was very good as the key learning points and expected outcomes were made very clear and interesting learnings with additional real live case studies during the 12 breakout sessions of the 4 day intensive course. Good mic of different working models ie for large and small organisations demonstrated by additional video examples.( February 2019)

K. James, Braodspectrum, Victoria, Australia